Document Attestation & Legalisation

Document Legalisation

Before travelling abroad to start employment, it is important to get your documents attested and legalised for the country you will be working in. Your documents will be required by your employer to apply and process your work visa or resident permit.

There are 3 main steps to get your documents ready for working abroad:

Step 1: Attestation

  1. A Public Notary or licensed Solicitor will make a legal copy of your original documents, sign and stamp to confirm it is a copy of the original
  2. A single teacher would only attest their teaching qualification and the highest degree e.g. PGCE and Bachelors degree, the degree transcript and a university letter of attendance (4 documents in total).
  3. If you have a Bachelors of Education (B.Ed.) qualification or a bachelors degree in an educational subject e.g. English, Maths, Science, Education then you only need to attest the degree, the degree transcript and a university letter of attendance (3 documents in total).
  4. If your married and your spouse is travelling with you then you will also need to attest your marriage certificate as well as the above.
  5. If you have children and they are travelling with you, then include their birth certificates and the documents above.
  6. Your DBS certificate (The Disclosure and Barring Service) . Please check if a basic DBS is accepted by your new employer. If so, you can order a copy from the DBS website if required <<DBS>>
  7. If you are unable to obtain a DBS or need Enhanced clearance, you can apply for ACRO certificate (Criminal Records Office) Police Clearance <<ACRO>>

Note: check with your new employer, if you are required to attest your DBS/ACRO or if taking the original copy with you is sufficient.

*If you do not have a transcript or a letter of attendance, please contact your university as they will be able to send you a copy.  Many universities now offer online versions of both the transcript and attendance letter – both are acceptable for attestation

Other Documents (No Attestation Required)

  • Fit to Work Certificate:  this is a letter from your doctor outlining any medical history and confirming you are fit to work.

Preceptor Recruitment use the following Solicitors for document legalisation:

Shidul Hoque (Birmingham)
+447878 978 843
Solicitor Regulation Authority Number: 483891

Yvonne Stevens (London)
+447813 070 744
Solicitors Regulation Authority: 570902

Step 2:  Apostille/Legalisation

  • Once your documents have been signed as true copy (Step 1), you will need to send your documents to the FCDO (Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office)
  • The FCDO confirm document authentication and attach a stamped official certificate (an ‘apostille’) and courier the documents back.

<<FCDO>> Use this link to register your request.

Legalisation Office: – Telephone: 03700 00 22 44 – Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm

Step 3: Authentication

  • Once you have received your documents back from the FCDO, you will now need to send your documents to the Embassy of the relevant country of employment.
  • The Embassy will authenticate and validate your documents making your documents legally recognised by authorities of the required country.

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**Please note the above information is for guidance only and is subject to change. Always check with your employer, the relevant embassy and agency for the latest information.